Custom golf holes and short courses for corporate campuses and residential homeowners

Have you ever dreamt of walking out the back door and onto the tee box without leaving your property? Dropping a fresh sleeve of balls onto the turf and diligently working on your 6 iron, then 7, then 8. Eventually working your way through your entire golf bag.

Dream no more…ROI Sport Surfaces and Amenities is the company to make that dream come true.

Whether you are looking to build a one-of-a-kind golf hole or recreate the 12th hole at Augusta, the team at ROI has the ability and skill to design and deliver whatever it is you have in your head.

Work with ROI to design and build the perfect custom golf hole. ROI Sport Surfaces and Amenities specializes in designing and building residential and corporate golf holes and short-courses. Par 3, 4 or 5; whatever you have in your head is what we will build on your property. The sooner we start designing, the sooner we start playing!

Custom Golf Holes