Synthetic Grass Putting Courses for Resorts, Apartment Complexes and Retirement Communities

Someone who is well versed in the game of golf and its trends would know that large scale putting courses, like “The Himalayas” at St. Andrews in Scotland, or “The Punchbowl” at Bandon Dunes in Oregon have risen in popularity for several reasons; the biggest being that they are an absolute blast to play.

For the resort owners, these putting courses are a way to get the guests to drink a few more drinks, laugh a few more laughs and enjoy the overall experience that much more, setting the hook for a repeat visit and positive reviews online.

Unfortunately, many resorts and high-end facilities do not have a seasoned grounds crew on staff with the knowledge or skills to maintain a putting green of this scale, so even though these amenities are amazingly popular, they can only be found at resorts with adjacent golf courses.

ROI Sport Surfaces and Amenities plans to change that as we combine our knowledge of the game of golf with our skills working with synthetic grass to deliver a guest/resident/customer experience that is otherwise impossible to create.

Synthetic Grass Putting Courses